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What hope means

Hope is bright shining light which keeps darkness at the bay
Hope is gentle cold breeze on a hot summer day

Hope is to remain positive when going gets tough
Hope is seeking more when others think u had enough

What hope means

Hope is dreaming of tommorow
Hope is simmering under sorrow

Hope is sparkles when tears in our eyes
Hope is a beautiful thing & beutiful things never dies

What hope means

Hope is as light as a feather
Hope keeps all of us together

Hope is ubiquitous and free of cost
Hope is the last thing ever lost.....

"Vineet Bansal"
  • Listening to: Paul McCartney - Hope of Deliverance


Hello watcher, thank you for visiting my DA. Lemme introduce myself, i`m Ruve Numa, 20 year old. I live in a tropical country named Indonesia. I have lots of beaches and I love spending time in there for hours. I`m currently studying in semester 6. College stuff makes me mess. Sometimes I sleep at 1 am and wake up at 6 am. Its okay, I tried to enjoy it. I can`t wait for graduation day and getting a job already.
Talk about the fact photography is my hobby. Hobby that I`ve wrestled since I was at senior. I can explore much things from the point of view of the lens and play with color by photography. I didn`t study photography stuffs from other people or taking a course in, everything I do is self-taught.
All the stuff that I use doesn`t good brands, I wear whatever I like. I don't fUCk care people `s judge all about my style. I want to be different from the others. I rarely comb my hair and I like the color of my hair turned white.
I adore arts. I appreciate all the work of art. I really like the painting because I love to paint and draw. I watching your artwork doesn`t mean of necessity. I`m so happy when there`s a favored watcher and comment on my photowork. I also like to comment on the photos that I think is very good. I really appreciate that even good or bad thing so I can fixed it soon. I'm trying to be friendly so that you still love me. I tried to reply all comments, messages, criticism, the journal that I`ve made. I follow everyone back on Twitter. I reply all the tweets. I reply wallpost and message or your poke war on Facebook. I am me, a friendly person and don`t want to be conceited.

I don`t want to talk much because my English suck, that's the point. So enjoy my photowork! xx

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contact e-mail:



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Hi! you are following my old profile (this one… an now I created this new one, intending to reorganize my portfólio, please follow me again here! thanks!
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thank you so much for the watch! :D
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Thanks for the Watch! (sorry for the late thanks. I'm not on much and I've been busy)
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